Why Do We Need the Constitution? The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

https://www.truthnetwork.com/show/the-christian-perspective-chris-hughes/30029/ Dr. Chris Hughes is joined by millennial Constitutionalist Dr. Christin McMasters of the Liberty Belle Blog to discuss the "why" behind the Constitution and the United States government.

Engaging in the Public Arena The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

https://www.truthnetwork.com/show/the-christian-perspective-chris-hughes/29850/ Chris is joined by Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel to discuss engaging in the public arena by running for city office and standing up to tyrannical government mandates.

The End Times The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

https://www.truthnetwork.com/show/the-christian-perspective-chris-hughes/ Dr. Chris Hughes is dialoguing with Christians through the Christian Perspective, a podcast that encourages Christ followers to live their lives and engage the culture through the lens of the Bible. Every week, he provides believers with content that ...

Examining the American Republic The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

https://www.truthnetwork.com/show/the-christian-perspective-chris-hughes/29443/ Dr. Chris Hughes is joined by author and historian Bill Federer, host of the national radio feature American Minute, for a discussion about the history of the American Republic.

What’s Your Starting Point? The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

https://www.truthnetwork.com/show/the-christian-perspective-chris-hughes/28383/ Chris is joined by Jay Seegert, a leading apologist on the subject of Creationism and the inspiration of the Bible, and Managing Director of the Starting Point Project - an initiative aimed at strengthening Christians in their faith and ...